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  • How can I place an ad?

    Placing an ad on LUHUNDU.COM is very easy and only takes a few moments of your time. Follow the steps below to place your ad: Click on (Post an Ad) button.

  • How to get more responses to my ad?

    There are a lot of factors that can affect the sale of an item, here are some pointers you may check to help get more responses for your ad: Such As Email, Telephone Number, Photos, Description, and Price. If you provide correct information along with reasonable price your response rate will be high.

  • How can I edit/delete my ads?

    Login to your account - Register if you don't have an account. Click on Profile Icon on the top right. Click on View My Profile Click on My Ads You will see a list of your ads and the option to edit or deactivate an ad.

  • Why can't I place an ad?

    Please make sure you are connected to the internet and if there is an internet policy please make sure that it allows you to use the website/application. This might be due to a browser problem, LUHUNDU.COM is better viewed on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

  • When can I re-post my ad?

    You can Re-post your ad by deactivating it and activating it again. However, it will only be bumped up to the top of the page if you do that after 30 days of posting it.

  • How can I see my ad on LUHUNDU.COM?

    You can see and track your ads by logging in and going to your Profile tab and Selecting My Ads.

  • Why is my ad pending?

    Your Ad is being reviewed by our Customer Support Team. If your AD is pending for too long, please communicate with us through the 'Contact Us' Form.

  • Am I restricted to a number of Ads?

    No, There is no limited number to the Ads you can post.

  • What are prohibited ads on LUHUNDU.COM?

    We are at LUHUNDU.COM try to keep the selling and buying experience smooth and safe for both parties. All the items that are not allowed to be bought or sold by the law are not allowed on our website as well. All the Items that could lead to direct or indirect harm are not allowed. All the Items without legit ownership papers (if required) are not allowed. All the Jobs or services that promote or includes illegal job description or indecency are not allowed. All the words that are inappropriate or indecent.

  • How can I report an ad?

    You can report any ad that seems suspicious to you by: Clicking on the "Report" button Fill in the required information and please let us know why you think this ad is suspicious.

  • How to react to a fraud contact?

    We strongly recommend you to stop communicating with this person and block him from sending you further messages and we also recommend you to contact us so we could block this user from contacting another user after conducting the necessary investigation. Also we recommend you to contact your local authorities if you have been a victim of fraud click here to learn more about what we could help with If you are a victim.